Left click - tap
ESC - back to menu

The game features rapidly flashing colors.

Goal of the game is to try and survive as long as possible while clicking on the screen when a shape/shapes like yours is in the center.


A single lane of shapes are headed your way, but you will have a little surprise at 30 seconds in.
If you make it to 60 seconds, You will unlock Intermediate mode!

A bit faster, but this time you will have to tap through 2 lanes of shapes. At 30 seconds you also get an increase in difficulty. If you make it to 60 seconds, You will unlock Expert mode!

Fastest, most ruthless mode! Endless, increasingly difficult. Every 15 seconds, game will get harder in creative ways.

Have fun!

Published Aug 22, 2015
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Colorful, Fast-Paced, Minimalist, Touch-Friendly

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